Give your organization a

stronger information ecosystem

A Stronger information ecosystem

Good ideas need not navigate a maze

A fragmented information ecosystem wastes time and resources.

From Brainstorm to Brilliance

Don't settle. Midflip's


feature refines concepts through iterative building. Transform rough rocks into polished diamonds.

Let your people shine.

Liquid democracy

removes barriers, providing your team with the opportunity to showcase their knowledge.

From Brainstorm to Brilliance

Make your organization smarter

Let your people shine



groups smarter

Evolving conversations interconnecting your organization.

Built to capture bubble up ideas and improve them

Improve processes and best practices without causing a clusterf&@#!

social media with


Collaboratively build common understanding

Designed for intelligent discourse

Engagement towards purpose

Midflip makes BIG groups smarter


Bring Everyone Together

News Feed


Groups & Chat

Iteratively Improve Topics

Topic Texts

King of the Hill

Liquid Democracy

Topic Feeds

Ease of use

Mobile App


Only pay for active users


Internal Social

Internal Wiki

A Stronger information ecosystem

Form for purpose

How to build a stronger information ecosystem:

Focus attention around topics.

Iteratively improve and challenge a topic text.

Create a liquid hierarchy around each topic.

Reward contributors & those who gain trust.

Design to hold attention & promote deep discussion.

Keep the discussion as open and free as possible.

A Stronger information ecosystem