The Public Think Tank

The Public Think Tank

The public think tank

The carousel of social media goes nowhere.

Arguments go in circles and understanding is shallow. Midflip has designed an idea ecosystem designed to dig deeper and move forward.

A bazillion individuals selling their own ideas is too much!

Midflip moves the conversation to the group level. Each group viewpoint improves over time. Different viewpoints on the same topic are automatically linked.

Elsewhere YOU can NOT cause change -

Everything is lost in the flood of content. At midflip you add to group monuments which stand the test of time.

The carousel of social media goes nowhere

Midflip makes a better information ecosystem with:

King of the Hill Texts

Iteratively compete to grow a topic. Improve a king text and knock it off its hill. Join a conversation designed to iteratively improve.

And Localized Liquid Democracy

Gain a voice. Pick who represents you in specific topics. When they vote, you auto vote too.

King of the Hill Texts and Liquid Democracy


The Public Think Tank

Private Think Tanks


Make your organization smarter

Bad communication rots companies.

Is everyone rowing together? Are you following best practices? Are industry changes being broadcast? Are good ideas bubbling upward? Are problems being uncovered? Midflip is the company water cooler improved and scaled up.

Your information ecosystem is bad IF:
  • It is not iteratively improving.
  • Changes are not dispersed and collaboratively considered.
  • No one is using it!

Midflip is designed to solve these problems.

Who knows their stuff?

Who is actively curious and engaged with understanding the industry? Who do others trust when discussing x topic? Midflip is meritocracy in a bottle. We will show you who knows their stuff.

Bad communication rots companies



groups smarter

Evolving conversations interconnecting your organization.

Built to capture bubble up ideas and improve them

Improve processes and best practices without causing a clusterf&@#!

social media with


Collaboratively build common understanding

Designed for intelligent discourse

Engagement towards purpose

Social media with purpose

Our team and vision

We are a small indy team with a big dream. Innovation in mass collaboration.