About us

During covid 19, two brothers were quarantined with their parents.

We looked out at the world and saw many big problems.

Many we believed to be caused by an organizational scaling issue.

BIG groups were sluggish inflexible bureaucracies.

Individual's ideas were not heard, organized, or improved upon...to the detriment of the individuals AND the organization.

But what if big organizations could empathize, iterate and incorporate bottom-up ideas? After perhaps too many beers, we decided to build a new type of social platform.

With parents supporting us (thanks!) we started designing and developing our app. We aimed for innovation in collaboration. We aimed for democratic conversation that scaled.

We wanted a system where people could come together to discuss a topic. And then, even in conflict, those people could continuously improve on an expression of that topic.

We hit many trials

But we overcome them!

We made midflip.io

A bottom-up brain for big groups

With midflip the crowd can iteratively improve ideas. This is done with:

King of the Hill Texts

Iteratively compete to grow a topic. Join a conversation designed to iteratively improve.

And Liquid Democracy

Gain a voice. Pick who represents you in topics you find important.

And midflip solved all of those big problems instantly and completely!

Actually it was really easy, barely an inconvenience.

Help us innovate how we collaborate.

We are iterating and testing as a public social media! Join up. We are aiming for a dramatic improvement in intelligent discourse. Where the public can collaboratively build common understanding. Check out our system and give us feedback.

MidFlip is driven to constantly improve. Give us a direction! Give feedback or ask questions here: [email protected]