Google Docs

are designed for

1 to 30 people.

Midflip Docs

are designed for

1 to 30,000+

King of the hill texts socially improve ideas

A network of docs that continually improve

Interconnected docs of any subject, including images, videos and more.

Competitions you can vote in.

Gamified competitions allow these docs to update over time. You can vote in these competitions directly or declare a representative via liquid democracy.

Midflip refines your favorite topics.

We cannot promise the truth. We promise an evolving crowd conversation. One designed to improve over time.

Refine your favorite topics

Liquid Trust Networks

means not everyone needs to be paying attention.

Liquid Trust Networks


Liquid Trust Networks

those most trusted on a topic have the most votes.

Join open and evolving conversations

Now Organizations can:

  • Crowd-source and refine the best ideas
  • Iteratively improve processes and best practices
  • Breakdown knowledge silos
  • Reveal trusted experts
  • On-board employees in an interactive and up-to-date environment.
  • Give employees a new path to show their worth.

Now the Public can:

  • Crowd-source and refine the best ideas and explanations
  • Create documents with the weight of thousands of people.
  • Iteratively improve group viewpoints while auto-linking alternative viewpoints.
  • Reveal trusted experts