Liquid Democracy

- smart consensus

Liquid democracy creates smart consensus

For Leaders

  • Represent your niche
  • Pursue your favorite topics
  • Meet others aiming similar

For voters

  • Influence your favorite topics
  • Have higher expectations of quality

Higher expectations of quality


knowledge in



  • Creates engaging explanations
  • Promotes multiple viewpoints
  • Combats misinformation
  • Open and understandable system

Top knowledge in simple language


with the aim to explain

  • Leaders gain votes only in areas they understand
  • Flexible representation keeps leaders accountable
  • Representation expires, so leaders need to continually earn your vote.

Democracy with the aim to explain

How does it work?

Representation specific to the topic -
Choosing a representative gives them your vote in one specific topic. When they vote, you auto-vote too.
Choose wisely -
You can give your vote to 20 representatives in different topics.
Flexible system -
You can always change who represents you and you can change any individual vote.
Always evolving -
We will be adjusting specific rules and guidelines towards our goal. Our goal: improve crowd discussion.

Your voting power = Liquid Democracy + Defensive Bonus

Liquid democracy vote
is based on number of people who have chosen you as a representative.
Defensive bonus
is based on how much work you have done on a topic and the reaction to that work. For example, if you create a topic you have a significant defensive bonus for a period. The defensive bonus is based on many factors and is adjusted towards our goal of improving crowd collaboration.