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The future is here! Lets do the work necessary to keep everything cool and not crazy.

Open Intro

The argument for and against open sourcing ASI

If we assume that we truly are innovating our way to artificial super intelligence (ASI)… should we open source it? Should every person with an internet connection be able to download the latest ASI attempt? The internet has collapsed this important discussion into a black and white slug fest… but right here, right now, lets try and ...

I Thought We Agreed To Cool It With The Shera Gifs.

Guys we are trying to grow a social media community. People are going to think we are weird if we keep posting Shera gifs. Calm down. Think about your actions.

The job market

Your living standards are largely dictated by where you live and which industry you work in.

It does sometimes feel as if we are all on rafts being swept this way and that by large economic, technological, and demographic forces.

Let’s decrease (or increase?) our collective anxiety by studying the job market. Help by collecting and u...

Cyber Warfare

🔫 Pew Pew is turning into beep bop beep 💻. Conflict has entered the digital space... Welcome to a completely different battlefield.

What happens when enemies have access to your country’s electrical grid? what about communication systems? What about nuclear weapon systems? We are entering the scary new world of cyber warfare.

How d...