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Civ 7 Crowdsourcing Ideas

Civilization 7: Release Date, Leaks, and Confirmed Civ 7 News | Turtle Beach Blog

I love the game civilization. I don’t think any other game has come close to occupying so many hours of my life. You know if you know.

Now, I don’t know if you heard but apparently, they are developing Civilization 7! And… well… I couldn’t help myself. I want to discuss what I want to see in this game. But don’t feel left out. This ...

Economic Inequality

You are born. You learn. You grow… then you compete. You compete for money, attention, for love, and for a life worth living.

But sometimes… you are born into a world where the odds are stacked against you. Where the required ingenuity, effort, and luck is so high, that you cannot climb upwards.

During such times, people do not just ...

The Age Page Aoe4

Age of empires 4 is friken awesome. Get strategic, multi-task like a madman, and lead your empire to glory! This topic page is to find and collect links, videos, etc and put them in one spot.

Learn to play -> age of noob is your man.

Explore different civs -> go here https://aoe4world.com/explorer

Learn how to keyboard shortcut ...

Aoe4 - Next Season Wishlist

Ok I will say it. AOE4 is my favorite game. I love the many strategies, the fast-paced tactical multi-tasking, and most of all the insane nomad battles. Honestly, I was done with gaming… but AOE4 brought me back. RTS finally has a new hero! Here we discuss all things age.

NEW Expansion announced!

Lol this about to go crazy, lets th...