How to make companies smarter

From workplace, to workplace, I found myself frustrated. Teams were not coordinating, management seemed disconnected, good ideas were not bubbling up… and the same mistakes were being made over and over again. Incompetence! I thought at first… except no, it was omni-present. It was happening within the best workplaces with the best p...

Gap Selling - Summarizing the Framework.

Here we are summarizing the Gap Selling Framework presented in the book Gap Selling by Keenan. We are not summarizing the book chapter by chapter, instead we are finding the best way to present these ideas in a short and easy to read format. This is a collaborative text so if you feel you can improve it please submit an edit!

The cor...

Your average person's debt

For most people, debt is a fact of life. Used responsibly, debt can be a useful financial tool that allows us to afford big purchases like cars, homes, and education. Loans and credit provide access to money we don't currently have, but allow us to pay it back over time.

However, debt becomes problematic when it grows uncontrolled. H...

The Dynamics of Traditional Hierarchies

The traditional hierarchy is generally characterized by rigid, top-down structures. In these structures, decision-making power is usually held by a single leader or a small group of individuals.

This traditional style of hierarchy is common in many organizations… from Countries to Companies to family groupings. In this article we wil...

The Housing Market

“Housing is always a safe stable investment” my parents used to say this to me. You can forgive them. While there are exceptions (cough, cough, 2008) this statement is generally true. The population is always rising, but the amount of land stays the same… especially in cities… where the jobs are. So, demand is generally always higher...

Inflation Watch 🏰


Here at Inflation Watch, we take a deep dive into the world of rising prices. Inflation can feel like a confusing fog monster. But fear not! We're a crowd-sourced community dedicated to understanding how inflation impacts our everyday lives.

Our goals

  • Clear Explanations:We want to link to good videos and explanat...

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Mitigating the Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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Implementing Asimov’s Laws of Robotics (The first law) - How alignment could work.

The Three Laws of Robotics

In 1942 Isaac Asimov started a series of short stories about robots. In those stories, his robots were programed to obey the three la...

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