Learning about Learning

Here we are creating a mental model of how learning occurs. It is a get-in, get-out, don’t-f-about type of model. We skip the low-down explanations of neurons and move straight to representations. How do representations form? how do they interconnect? And how do they contribute to learning?

Relationships between representations.


How to control your emotions. A Game theory perspective.

Do you remember being 8 years old? Do you remember getting angry? or sad? or happy? The absolute overwhelming takeover of your body. You were not even you; you just became the emotion.

Overtime, presumably, you have learned to somewhat control your emotions. To some extent you are better off now then you were then… but it is not easy...

Just how important is exercise?

You were made to move.

The modern world often robs us of this. Sitting with a bag of chips. Drowning in a doom scroll. On your little screen, withering. lol. Too strong?

Just get outside and do something! (I am yelling at myself more than you).

Mentally, exercise is a proven stress reliever. The endorphins released can quickly boos...

Weight Training For Beginners

topless man in black shorts holding red and black kettle bell

If exercise could be distilled into a pill, it would be the best drug in the world.

But to accomplish your weight-training goals you must consistent. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Do this well and your life will change. You will feel better, look better, and even think better.

Below is an evolving public list of tips, lessons...

How Light Effects Mood, Sleep, and Eating Habits.

We evolved to work within a daily cycle. Wake up with the sun, go to sleep at night.

But now we are all out of wack.

First, we are not signalling to our eyes that we are about to go to sleep. People mess with this by keeping lights on, staring at a phone before bed, etc. If you set up your habits so that you dim lights at night and l...

How Addiction Works!

I want cookies 🍪, and pizza 🍕, and beer 🍺, and sex 🍆, and drugs 💊, and fame 📸, and power 💪. I want, I want, I want. I want till I want no more. Which is when I’m dead.

This topic is about explaining want and addiction simply. Help build on our work by submitting a rival text.

How dopamine works.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter ...

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