Your average person's debt

For most people, debt is a fact of life. Used responsibly, debt can be a useful financial tool that allows us to afford big purchases like cars, homes, and education. Loans and credit provide access to money we don't currently have, but allow us to pay it back over time.

However, debt becomes problematic when it grows uncontrolled. H...

Economic Inequality

You are born. You learn. You grow… then you compete. You compete for money, attention, for love, and for a life worth living.

But sometimes… you are born into a world where the odds are stacked against you. Where the required ingenuity, effort, and luck is so high, that you cannot climb upwards.

During such times, people do not just ...

The job market

Your living standards are largely dictated by where you live and which industry you work in.

It does sometimes feel as if we are all on rafts being swept this way and that by large economic, technological, and demographic forces.

Let’s decrease (or increase?) our collective anxiety by studying the job market. Help by collecting and u...

This Guy

This podcast is one of the bests. Highly recommend. Just shooting it out there! Spread it far and wide. Cheers🍺

Gerrymandering and Algorithmic Redistricting

Cheating in democracy is easy! Just redraw the lines.

This seems to be the tactic of choice for politicians who want to gain an unfair advantage in the political arena. Gerrymandering, the practice of drawing district lines to benefit a specific political party, has been around for a very long time. However, in recent years, it has b...

Ranked Choice Voting

America's voting systems are like an old Nokia brick phone. They are outdated.It makes sense... America is the oldest democracy, and it is difficult to make fundamental changes to any large system.

Ranked-Choice Voting is like the smart phone. It's the updated method of voting. It's quite simple.

In the old system, you would vote ...

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