How to make social media smarter

Some of the best explanations and deep dives I have ever found were on social media platforms. Do not ask me to link to them. They are gone. Lost in the flood.

They were generally a comment to some question. You would not find them at the top. No, that spot is reserved for viral cheekiness. Instead you would find them some way down. ...

Gen Z 📱🔥💸🔥🏛️🔥

Well this should be cheerful! Lets talk about the various forces that are affecting the younger generations in America! I hope others will create rival texts and improve this page.

Here is a great video about the subject by a member of Gen Z:

The main forces

  • Social Media impacting the social landscape.

Gen Z is hanging out in r...

The Dating Market

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge now dominate the quest for love and connection. Their gamified interfaces let users swipe through potential matches instantly. Profile photos and brief bios replace nuanced first impressions. How has this affected you? how has it affected men? How has it affected women? Lets look at any and ...

Your Different Tropes Of Intelligence

See the source image

This is non-scientific! These are just my observations. Feel free to build upon this, but I suggest keeping it fun, keeping it light. If you know some related story tropes, psychology, neuroscience factoids feel free to jump in and write a rival text.

We will be describing different tropes of intelligence. These are snapshot stereot...


I love puppies

yes more, I am so excited!


No Kittens!


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