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Open Intro

Just how important is exercise?

You were made to move.

The modern world often robs us of this. Sitting with a bag of chips. Drowning in a doom scroll. On your little screen, withering. lol. Too strong?

Just get outside and do something! (I am yelling at myself more than you).

Mentally, exercise is a proven stress reliever. The endorphins released can quickly boos...

Zuko !!! (and How To Make a Good Villain Redemption Story)

Hello, Zuko here. : TheLastAirbender

Zuko has one of the best villain redemption stories ever. Why does it work so well? How can you learn from it? How can you tell your own stories better? Let’s find out.

A good villain needs conflict. Your villain should be in direct conflict with your hero. This can be simple: Zuko wants to capture Aang and deliver him to the fire n...