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Forge topics together!

How do Topic Forges work? How can you use MidFlip?

The internet is an ocean of the viral, the boring and the untrustworthy.

Especially now with new AI technology

But what if for each topic, an open community collects the best videos, links, and explanations?

Your solution is here. MidFlip is a new type of crowd-sourced wiki.

At MidFlip, a topic has a

current text

. This is the best accepted description of the topic.

Each week, people like you can influence the discussion. You can do this, by suggesting changes with



The community then votes whether to keep those edits. This system allows for open and iterative crowd sourcing.

No boring monotone descriptions here. Fun stories, videos, and links are encouraged.

But that’s not all, you can get social around your favorite topics!

You can post your own blogs, content, and stuff! Meet people interested in the same things, gain followers, and build friend circles.

MidFlip is the fun, open, democratic, social wiki. The best of the internet created by your community.

In more detail...

You can think of MidFlip a bit like Wikipedia, Reddit, and GitHub combined. Where topics are openly, democratically and iteratively advanced by the crowd. For each topic, the crowd forges and collects the best videos, images, and explanations. If you don’t like what you read, you can edit the topic. We hold weekly democratic votes on whether edits should be accepted. These votes work as follows. For each topic, we have a champ text: this represents the topic. Each week, people can submit rival texts. Rival texts can suggest some small edit (For example, a new image or video or sentence) or they can completely flip the script. If by the end of the week, the rival text has more votes than the champ text, then it becomes the new champ, and the improvement is kept! In this simple way, our topics are continually updated.

Free speech is important, and we hold those principles high. From the bubbling's of free speech, we believe a healthy system should form central narratives modeling the truth. These narratives are to be tested and changed given evidence. Not narratives dictated by elites or bureaucrats, but ones that are openly and democratically derived. MidFlip aims to allow for that.

MidFlip is driven to constantly improve. Give us a direction! Give feedback or ask questions here: [email protected]