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You hate bots, we hate bots

We don't like bots. We prefer quality over quantity.

At their best, bots vomit mediocre content.

At their worst, they actively push division and fear, as to keep your attention... or to sell you something.

We have a number of ideas of how to combat bots in the future.

Currently, however, we have a simple, blunt, but effective technique.

We require a phone number to sign up/in and we limit the country codes we accept. This makes it difficult to create bot accounts or second accounts.

Phone numbers require id and cost money for upkeep. So Hackers/Trolls generally cannot maintain large amounts of phone numbers for extended periods of time.

Some countries don't require id, have cheaper phone numbers or even give hackers/trolls large amounts of phone numbers. We do not allow phone numbers from such countries to sign up.

This means trolls cannot continously create new accounts, and influence campaigns cannot rely on armys of bots. This makes for a much healthier online ecosystem.

As we grow we intend to implement further anti-bot measures.

MidFlip is driven to constantly improve. Give us a direction! Give feedback or ask questions here: [email protected]