A new type of creativity

Currently creativity is a one-way street. You present your audience with a creative message or artwork and they look at it.

But MidFlip presents a new opportunity.

At MidFlip, your audience can work with you. They can update, refine, and expand on your work. Your audience becomes your team. Creativity becomes social.

Some topics deserve this extra attention. Some topics deserve to be updated as times change. Some topics deserve crowd-sourced iteration.

Your work will always be your own. Whether you make the topics founding seed or a decisive change in direction. Your contributions will be saved and presented proudly.

MidFlip changes the game. Build with the crowd backing you, and see what you can do.

For beginner Creatives

You want to become the best creator you can be. But there is no goal, no external pressure, no social feedback. An athlete gets better with well-defined competitions and so should you.

At MidFlip, we have repetitive and social competitions for creatives. Those who challenge themselves at MidFlip, will quickly improve, build up an audience and better understand the current culture.

For the Skilled-but-stuck

You need to standout. You need to be a big fish in a small pond. To do this, find a niche! Be the best at creatively expressing ideas in a specific topic.

At MidFlip you can establish yourself within your topic. Be a part of a growing network of experts and enthusiasts. Compete in competitions to best express the topic. And gain showable proof of your competence as you win.

A pathway for creatives to beat AI

Artificial Intelligence has become quite good at creating content. But most worrying is its ability to write hundreds of articles in the time it takes a human to write one.

How can a true creator compete? With competitions that favor quality not quantity, thats how. Don’t let your diamond get lost in the churn. MidFlip’s system promotes the meaningful and well written.

To grow your audience, grow your team.

To be successful as a creative, you need an audience that promotes you. But focus not on building an audience, focus on building a team. People who invest in enhancing your work, will best promote your work. They feel connected. At MidFlip you can build a much stronger community.

Improving for you

MidFlip is driving to constantly improve. But in what direction??? Currently our sights are fixed on improving the creator's portfolio page and promotion systems. We envision a design that gives the creator more control and better promotes the creators work. We want you to be able to create profitable pathways towards substack, patreon, youtube, and more.

Help our aim, show us what you want. You can do this by emailing ideas and suggestions


In the long term, we are considering internal monetization methods and we are trying to figure out how it would work. On this topic, the devil is in the details, and we do not know any details yet.

Join us at the Meritocratic Frontier

MidFlip is a tool for you. Use MidFlip to improve your craft, find your niche, participate in competitions, and gain recognition for your work. Jump in on the ground floor. Establish yourself as a leader and build a team.

Welcome to a new age of creativity.

MidFlip is driven to constantly improve. Give us a direction! Give feedback or ask questions here: [email protected]