Taking on the Camino for Ovarian Cancer

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Taking on the Portuguese Camino for Ovarian Cancer

On April 28, 2024, Ingrid Clancy, a survivor of Ovarian Cancer, will set foot on the Portuguese Camino, spanning over 450 miles from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Her mission? To raise both awareness of Ovarian Cancer and funds for research.

Ingrid explains what motivated her to take this on:

On Friday October 28th, 2022, I was told I had Ovarian Cancer. Within only a few days, the following Wednesday, I was in surgery for a radical hysterectomy, including removal of my omentum (I had never even heard of that body part!) and some lymph nodes. I was diagnosed to be at Stage 3B.

Then followed 5 months of Chemotherapy sessions. By the end of April, I was in remission, and soon put on a daily PARP-Inhibitor to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. I consider myself fortunate that scientific research only three years earlier had made this medication available, bringing the likelihood of recurrence within the next two years, down from 90% likely to 50% likely! This gives me hope. This gives me a chance to move forward with positive steps.

The Call of the Camino: A Test of Spirit

May 2024 is InternationalOvarian Cancer Awareness Month. Now to mark my 1-year milestone of being NED (No Evidence of Disease), I embark on the Portuguese Camino. This is a 450 mile walk over 30 days or so, from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

This journey is threefold: for my own health and rejuvenation, to build greater community awareness of Ovarian Cancer, and to advocate for funding ongoing research.

Know the Symptoms: It may save your Life!

It is important to highlight the need for greater awareness of this devastating disease. Early detection is key, yet no definitive test exists. The symptoms of OC are too easily dismissed, until it is too late.

Common Symptoms that are often overlooked:

Frequent Bloating

Back ache or Stomach pain

Changes in Bladder or Bowel habits

Feeling full quickly

See your Gynecologist if any of these symptoms persist for 10-14 days.

Funding Hope and Saving Lives

The funds I hope to raise will go to Powell-Drescher Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Powell-Drescher is led by Oncologists, Survivors and Scientists working together. The funds that you help me raise will go directly to support innovative research.

Join the Journey: Walk with Purpose

Please join me and support how you can. Any donation is much appreciated. The money will go a long way. So please donate. Wish me luck on my 450-mile journey. You can follow my blog as I walk for ovarian cancer awareness here: [link].

The most important thing however is to spread awareness. I hope that others with the disease will recognize and catch the symptoms early. Together we can spread the word to save lives.

Buen Camino! Ingrid Clancy

May 2, 2024

Today Ingrid and her sister Cathy Duloy started the Portuguese Camino and walked about 30 Km from Lison to Alverca. They then caught the train back to their accomondation in Lisbon which they have for two more nights. For pictures see http://bit.ly/IngridClancy2024 .

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Round completed

Caught a train back??? naughty, naughty. walking forwards only? LOL good Luck!

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By Josh ·


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