How to make social media smarter

Some of the best explanations and deep dives I have ever found were on social media platforms. Do not ask me to link to them. They are gone. Lost in the flood.

They were generally a comment to some question. You would not find them at the top. No, that spot is reserved for viral cheekiness. Instead you would find them some way down. ...

How to make companies smarter

From workplace, to workplace, I found myself frustrated. Teams were not coordinating, management seemed disconnected, good ideas were not bubbling up… and the same mistakes were being made over and over again. Incompetence! I thought at first… except no, it was omni-present. It was happening within the best workplaces with the best p...

Learning about Learning

Here we are creating a mental model of how learning occurs. It is a get-in, get-out, don’t-f-about type of model. We skip the low-down explanations of neurons and move straight to representations. How do representations form? how do they interconnect? And how do they contribute to learning?

Relationships between representations.


A story about creativity and feedback

Improving in a creative direction is hard. Really hard. That’s why most people simply copy what has been done before. But now everyone and their AI can do that.

So, we turn to the difficult road… but perhaps the more meaningful one.

Creating something new

Let’s say you are drawing a picture. Or writing an article. Or designing a p...

Reframing evolution - an information wavefront traveling through time.

When we are taught evolution, we are taught a simple metaphor. The tree of life. Where the different leaves represent different species. As you go down from the leaves you find different splits in twigs or branches. These splits represent the last common ancestor for the connected species. As we continue to go down, we eventually rea...


Here we go again.

Gap Selling - Summarizing the Framework.

Here we are summarizing the Gap Selling Framework presented in the book Gap Selling by Keenan. We are not summarizing the book chapter by chapter, instead we are finding the best way to present these ideas in a short and easy to read format. This is a collaborative text so if you feel you can improve it please submit an edit!

The cor...

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Implementing Asimov’s Laws of Robotics (The first law) - How alignment could work.

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