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Civilization 7: Release Date, Leaks, and Confirmed Civ 7 News | Turtle Beach Blog

I love the game civilization. I don’t think any other game has come close to occupying so many hours of my life. You know if you know.

Now, I don’t know if you heard but apparently, they are developing Civilization 7! And… well… I couldn’t help myself. I want to discuss what I want to see in this game. But don’t feel left out. This ...

Best Current Video Games! 🎮

What’s the best current video games?!?!? Make your arguments and compete here!

To be clear. I am one hundred percent biased and I am also one hundred percent subjectively correct. Come fight me. Add your stupid rival text. Here is my list.

Yeah, yeah, I know. No you shut up. No you are wrong. I am right. You are wrong.

I love AOE...

The Age Page Aoe4

Age of empires 4 is friken awesome. Get strategic, multi-task like a madman, and lead your empire to glory! This topic page is to find and collect links, videos, etc and put them in one spot.

Learn to play -> age of noob is your man.

Explore different civs -> go here

Learn how to keyboard shortcut ...

Aoe4 - Next Season Wishlist

Ok I will say it. AOE4 is my favorite game. I love the many strategies, the fast-paced tactical multi-tasking, and most of all the insane nomad battles. Honestly, I was done with gaming… but AOE4 brought me back. RTS finally has a new hero! Here we discuss all things age.

NEW Expansion announced!

Lol this about to go crazy, lets th...

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