How to make social media smarter

Some of the best explanations and deep dives I have ever found were on social media platforms. Do not ask me to link to them. They are gone. Lost in the flood.

They were generally a comment to some question. You would not find them at the top. No, that spot is reserved for viral cheekiness. Instead you would find them some way down. ...

How to make companies smarter

From workplace, to workplace, I found myself frustrated. Teams were not coordinating, management seemed disconnected, good ideas were not bubbling up… and the same mistakes were being made over and over again. Incompetence! I thought at first… except no, it was omni-present. It was happening within the best workplaces with the best p...

MidFlip: Iterating in public

We want to make a social media good for individuals and society! We want to make BIG groups smarter. Help us by telling us what we can improve on!

Introducing Midflip’s newest version: Liquid.

Liquid is our biggest update yet. We now have liquid democracy! Choose who you wish to represent you in the topics you care about.

Liquid chan...

I Thought We Agreed To Cool It With The Shera Gifs.

Guys we are trying to grow a social media community. People are going to think we are weird if we keep posting Shera gifs. Calm down. Think about your actions.

Testing Lalalala

Testing testing 1, 2, 3

This is the MeritFront testing topic. Post random stuff here. Test away!

Here is a song I wrote just for you.

The Jam Clam

Wellllllllllllllll on the sea floor there lived a clammmmmmmmmm. A clammmmm that knew how to Jammmmmmmmm.

He played the drums, the guitar, and the bell. No one could resist his music'...


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Implementing Asimov’s Laws of Robotics (The first law) - How alignment could work.

The Three Laws of Robotics

In 1942 Isaac Asimov started a series of short stories about robots. In those stories, his robots were programed to obey the three la...

Mitigating the Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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It is ...

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