How To Make a Superman Movie Actually Good

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Writing a good superman movie is hard. It is too difficult because superman is too powerful. Any problem he can solve instantly. He is super strong, super-fast, nigh indestructible. Where are the stakes???

I kind of hated the previous DC movies. Now that DC has confirmed a new universe and a complete redo, lets imagine how they could...

Zuko !!! (and How To Make a Good Villain Redemption Story)

Hello, Zuko here. : TheLastAirbender

Zuko has one of the best villain redemption stories ever. Why does it work so well? How can you learn from it? How can you tell your own stories better? Let’s find out.

A good villain needs conflict. Your villain should be in direct conflict with your hero. This can be simple: Zuko wants to capture Aang and deliver him to the fire n...

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