Here we go again.

I Thought We Agreed To Cool It With The Shera Gifs.

Guys we are trying to grow a social media community. People are going to think we are weird if we keep posting Shera gifs. Calm down. Think about your actions.


I love puppies

yes more, I am so excited! MORE! No Kittens! Puppies!

How dangerous is AI?

This guy confidently says AI is going to kill us all. He makes some compelling arguments. It is really worth reading his blog post. AGI Ruin: A List of Lethalities - LessWrong. Below is a drastically reduced summary.

1. AGI will not be upper-bounded by human ability or human learning speed. Things much smarter than human would be ab...

This Guy

This podcast is one of the bests. Highly recommend. Just shooting it out there! Spread it far and wide. Cheers🍺

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